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Strong Bones Equipment List

December 01, 20221 min read

Enjoy A Full Strong Bones Pilates™ Experience

While you don't need a ton of equipment to exercise at home in the Strong Bones program or classes, there are a few items that will ensure you get the most out of your workouts and give you a little variety.

Register for Strong Bones 4-week Program

Once you've registered for the Strong Bones 4-week Online Program, order what you don't already have. If you're a member of the Online Studio, this equipment will allow you to enjoy every class!

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Just click the images to purchase on Amazon (note that these are affiliate links).

1. Pilates Mat

Pilates mats are thicker than yoga mats, and will make it more comfortable for you to be in different positions. $21

Pilates Mat

2. Tye4®

The Tye4® is a wearable resistance cord system - lightweight, easy on the hands, easy to travel with, and provides both assistance and resistance. $75

Tye4 Pilates

3. Magic Circle

The Pilates Magic Circle provides resistance and is fabulous for balance, and working the smaller, deeper muscles. $26

Pilates Magic Circle

4. Foam Roller

The foam roller helps to work balance, and as a support for various stretches. $20

Foam Roller

5. 2# Hand Weights

You don't need much more, and these are actually attractive and easy to hold! $18

Hand Weights

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Lynda Lippin

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Strong Bones Pilates™ Program

A 4-week, Online, Guided Program

for women with chronic pain and osteoporosis

Building Bone & Muscle Strength for Women 50+

Why Strong Bones Pilates?

  • SAFE WORKOUTS - Exercise can be scary when you have low bone density. In Strong Bones, your workouts are custom designed to be safe and effective.
  • EASY ACCESS - Just show up to 1 private session + 2 classes each week for 4 weeks. Lynda will guide you through a personalized program of effective, osteoporosis-safe exercises to help strengthen your body, increase mobility, and decrease pain.
  • QUALITY OF LIFE - Improve your strength, balance, mobility, and circulation for better quality of life.
  • EFFECTIVE EQUIPMENT - Learn how to use the simple & effective Tye4® resistance device from The PhysicalMind Institute to help add non-impact resistance to your bones (order from Amazon). I'm wearing it in the photo.
  • COMMUNITY - Be part of a community of women all focused on staying healthy and strong with less pain.

""When I received my osteoporosis diagnosis, I messaged my friend Lynda for some sessions to get the Classical Pilates modifications.

Lynda can see 20/20 through that webcam, and her osteoporosis-safe modifications are just as challenging as the original versions, if not more so.

She won't baby you, she won't push you too much, but she will help you get stronger and understand what to modify and why."

Sunni Almond

"Lynda is creative, attentive and will work you hard - every part of you!

Her program is not just professional and accommodating but warm, personal, and tailored to your needs.

Nothing is too much trouble and she constantly comes up with new ideas to sort out any physical problems.

Highly recommend it!"

Gwen Heath Mitrano

"As a Pilates professional, I focus on my client's issues every day, and not always my own.

When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, I needed someone I trusted to lead me through safe exercise sessions for my own body.

I can't believe how much stronger I feel and how much better my balance is in just 4 weeks!

I highly recommend Strong Bones for any woman with osteoporosis."

Ellen Miller

Strong Bones Pilates™ Osteoporosis Program


4-Week Online Program starts TBA

  • 4 - Private Training Sessions - includes lifetime access to replays ($720 value)
  • 8 - Group Workout Classes just for this group - includes lifetime access to replays ($160 value)
  • 1 - month membership in Strong Bones On Demand Pilates Studio ($97 value)
  • Private Community for Accountability, & Questions ($200 value)

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