Review: AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones


AfterShokz headphones sound great and allow you to hear everything else!
I rarely wear headphones out in the city. There is so much ambient noise that I like to be aware of – people, cars, buses, and trains, for example!

So when I heard about these Trekz Titanium bone conduction headphones from AfterShokz, I was pretty interested.
How They Work
Bone conduction is […] Continue Reading…

Review: Pelvic Clock Device for Back Pain

pelvic clock

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The Pelvic Clock Device is brilliant for those of us with unstable pelvises and back pain.
A few months ago I received an email from the folks behind what was to become my new favorite little exercise device, the Pelvic Clock. And I did not answer right away.

I thought, “This little gadget is small, expensive, and what good could it […] Continue Reading…

What I Learned from the Fitcode Genetic Test

fitcode genetic test

The Fitcode Genetic Test gave me insights into my high cholesterol, joint issues, bone strength, and best fitness programs!
I am fascinated by genetic testing, and was excited to try the Fitcode Genetic Test. Now that we have successfully mapped our genes, it is possible for a simple cheek swab to give us useful information about ourselves.

And since I am […] Continue Reading…

Book Review: Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core


Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core is a complex and smartly written book for experienced Pilates teachers.
I generally dislike Pilates books, especially ones that focus on functional anatomy. While this may sound odd coming from me, let me explain.

Most functional anatomy books end up modifying Pilates exercises to the point where they are unrecognizable as Pilates, while at the […] Continue Reading…

My Favorite Body Care Products

Body Care

My Favorite Body Care Products are all natural and smell great!
When you have been married as long as hubby and I (23 years), you start to share body care products. After a while, you agree on common favorites based on fragrance and what your skin needs.

We are both very scent sensitive, preferring natural fragrances or unscented products. And we […] Continue Reading…

Review: Leaner Creamer


Leaner Creamer is a healthier alternative to Coffee Mate, but does it work? Read on…
Perhaps you have heard the marketing slogan “Drink coffee and lose weight.” This is a bold claim from the makers of Leaner Creamer, a coconut oil-based, lightly flavored powder coffee creamer.

In addition to creamer, the company sells three pre-ground coffee blends, in light,medium, and dark […] Continue Reading…