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New Workshop - Fun with Small Classical Apparatus

May 14, 20232 min read

Lynda was great. I loved her approach to teaching. And her approach to people and Pilates in general. She was a straight shooter, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. - S. Mennona, Pilates Teacher

Do You Know the Small Classical Pilates Apparatus?

If you teach Pilates and follow any classical Pilates teachers online, chances are you've seen or heard about the small pieces of Pilates apparatus.

While most teachers know the magic circle, there are several small pieces that are inexpensive, very functional, and fun to do and teach. Pus, they are easy to buy, or to replicate if you want to build your own.

Join me in Westport CT on Saturday July 15, 2023 from 11am-5pm for a deep dive into these small goodies, plus an hour long Ask Me Anything Q & A!

Can't make it live? I'll be livestreaming the workshop on Zoom!

Here are the 6 pieces of small Pilates apparatus that you can easily incorporate into your classes and sessions! 👊

1. Sand Bag

A super simple way to strengthen the entire body, with focused attention to the shoulder and arms. The sandbag helps strengthen the shoulders, elbows, and wrists as it challenges stability and focuses on the powerhouse.

2. Foot Corrector

Joe Pilates invented the foot corrector to literally strengthen the feet. It works on balance, strength, and alignment. This piece is useful for everyone!

3. Toe Corrector

Small, but mighty, the toe corrector will help your clients with bunions and other toe issues.

4. Ped-o-pul

The ped-o-pul specifically works on balance and strength of the entire body, with a focus on shoulder girdle.

5. Baby Arm Chair

Many Pilates teachers have never seen or worked on one of these! The arm chair is a great place to work seated, as well as kneeling and standing. The light arm springs make many of the heavier reformer and tower arm exercises doable for clients, but there are also ways of making things harder. This baby can do a lot.

6. Small Barrel

The small barrel is under-rated and under-used. This low hump barrel offers support for shoulder and hip work, but also offers a balance challenge!

Experience, Learn to Teach with Them, Earn CECs

Whether you join live or livestream, you'll enjoy learning how to use these gems. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to the recordings, and you'll receive 5 CECs that are accepted by petition for NPCP, ACE, and other providers.

The Details

What -

5 hour Pilates Workshop with Lynda Lippin - Fun with Small Classical Pilates Apparatus - $297

When -

Saturday July 15, 11am - 5pm ET (we'll take a one hour lunch break)

Where -

LIVE - Pilates for Every Body, 25 Sylvan Road South, Suite Q, Westport, CT 06880

LIVESTREAM - On Zoom from Anywhere!

Click Here to Register

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