Winter Snow in NYC


Winter snow in NYC turns the city into a beautiful wonderland!

Most people don’t think of a big city as winter snow wonderland, but I beg to differ. We live in lower Manhattan, just southeast of City Hall Park. Every day I have the option of walking by the East River, the Hudson River, and through City Hall Park, each of which remind me of places outside of the city.

Further up, of course, is the beautiful Central Park, but that is pretty far from us and not a place we can visit every day. Our dog, Smiley, loves to be near the water (she is from Turks and Caicos, after all), so this location is perfect for all of us.

When the snow started Thursday night, I was teaching at Real Pilates. It was heavy snow when I left around 8:15pm to walk home. The park was open and all the lights were on at City Hall, since Mayor De Blasio had just been sworn in the day before. Here are a couple of photos:

City Hall Park in Snow
City Hall in the Snow

On Friday morning, my first Pilates client started at 7am (all my clients live downtown, so I saw five in a row yesterday morning), so I walked over to Tribeca around 6:30am. City Hall Park was closed (the city schools and government were closed), so I walked around the quiet park. So few people were out and the snow was still clean, white, and fluffy. This is the park at Hudson and Chambers:

Snowy morning in Tribeca

Just lovely! I love the city in the quiet of early morning, and yesterday the snow was perfect.

How was your snow day?

20 thoughts on “Winter Snow in NYC

  1. Beautiful pictures! I live in West Michigan, in the country,we never lack for snow in the winter months. I enjoy seeing pictures of snow in the city.

  2. Absolutely beautiful.. New York is on my list of “to do” this year and I cannot wait! My sis and I are going to make the cross country trek all the way from Idaho to visit on of the wonderful cities on the east coast. Hopefully we can visit these beautiful parks!

  3. When I was a kid, I lived in Flushing, NY. I used to love the first real snow of the year. I would wake up in my bedroom, and see the bright reflection of the street at the window. I would reach to the floor and grab my book, sit in the window in the late nights, or early morning, and just soak in the peacefulness. It was quite something, until the first bus roared down Main Street, or a plow pierced the perfect white of the street! I can still feel that peacefulness today!

  4. Love the post and pics, Lynda! I grew up in and around NYC. It’s so magical in the snow. You’ve brought back lot’s of great memories. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  5. I remember the beauty of snow. Growing up in the Snowbelt I saw lots of it. I still think it is beautiful but not enough to leave where I live now where there is only a freak snow every few years.

  6. Lynda,
    My snow day was awesome, seeing as how we didn’t have any! ๐Ÿ™‚ I live in sunny Florida (which isn’t so sunny right now) so no snow (fingers crossed). I don’t like snow. It’s too cold, but I am praying for those affected by the snow storms.

    Stay safe and warm,

  7. Our snow is due to start tonight and through tomorrow. Just in time for us to go back to school on Monday. Which won’t happen. We missed 7 days of school a week before Christmas break. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again right on the heals of Christmas break, but our forecast of right now is predicting 8-12″ and gusting winds. We aren’t prepared for this type of winter any more.

    I’m sure we’ll find beauty in it, but in the mid-west, it’s just a nuisance!

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