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Salonpas Pain Relief Products Are My Go To!

I can remember my parents using BenGay for pain relief. That smell of the menthol and camphor was so strong!

A Less Messy and Smelly Alternative

As I grew up, I looked for products that smelled a bit better, but since everything uses the same base of camphor and menthol, I either avoided topical pain relief or just sucked it up with the smell. I tried IcyHot, Biofreeze, and even the Thermacare-style hot and cold packs.

Meanwhile, my Japanese friends were using Salonpas, which combines the camphor and menthol with an actual anti-inflammatory (methyl salicylate), and doesn’t smell as intense. They would bring me boxes when they went home to visit.

And because the products are Jet-sprays, gels, and patches of varying sizes, they are much less messy than the old ointments and creams.

FDA Approved for Pain Relief

But now, I can buy Salonpas here in the US! And in addition to the regular patches, sprays, and gels, they have a hot patch and a lidocaine patch – all of which are FDA approved for pain relief and are viable alternatives to increasingly expensive prescription patches.

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What Do I Use Salonpas For?

The toe I crushed in 2013 still vexes me, especially in damp cold. I wrap my toe in the small Salonpas patch and it really helps!

I have chronic nerve pain from shingles, and I use the large Lidocaine patch when that gets bad, as well as the heated large patch.

Hubby has chronic back pain, and a shot of the spray helps him feel better for 6-8 hours at a time.

Plus, if I am extra sore from working out or an old injury flares up, Salonpas really rescues me!

Recently, the Salonpas folks sent me the entire product line. And now, they would like to give this same set to you!

And we have a winner! Congratulations to Carol Reid. You should already have an email from me.


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40 thoughts on “Win the Full Salonpas Pain Relief Product Suite

  1. I’ve tried Salonpas patches, Arnica gel and Tiger Balm. They were all so-so in how they worked. The Lidocaine patch may work better for me.

  2. I have never tried salonpas but from all of the comments it seems like I am missing something really good to help deal with back and foot pain I get from being on my feet all day as a waitress.

  3. I am a huge fan of Salonpas for many years, and I just used them last night for my back pain. They worked so great!
    Thank You

  4. I have been a fan of Salonpas for many years. I love the pain relief and I have Salonpas in stock at home at all times. I love the large green box of pain patches the most, but the smaller patches come in so handy for neck pain or knee pain. I have tried other brands but Salonpas works the best.

  5. My husband has tried many pain relief creams. We’ve also used salonpas. I definitely prefer Salonpas patches because I hate the lingering smell of the cream on my hands.

  6. OH yes have been using for years….. senior with lots of aches and pains, hips, back, nerve damage in leg and foot,……….. just falling apart

  7. I use topical pain relief A LOT due to Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, and Interstitial cystitis. Salonpas is my favorite though!!

  8. I’ve recently tried Salonpas and I love it. The gel works great. But I would love to try the spray and patches because I think it would be easier to apply! Great review

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