Greg Youdan

Lynda has a tremendous combination of knowledge and experience. Being a Pilates teacher myself, I have studied with many gifted instructors and I can truly say that Lynda is a Master Trainer. As a co-worker and client of Lynda’s, I have witness first hand her expertise, and her client’s impressive progressions–myself included.

Recently, I suffered a debilitating abdominal injury as a result of my professional dance career. This was both emotionally and physically challenging. Through Lynda’s experienced eye and magnificent hands-on technique, I was given a challenging but biomechanically safe work out for my injury. Through her coaching and guiding support I was able to quickly regain abdominal strength and am on the road to a quick and successful recovery.

I highly recommend taking a session or workshop from her. She has an arsenal of modifications in her toolbox, to get you progressing through the Pilates system in a safe and effective manner.