David Richman

I had that great fortune of finding my way to Lynda several months after my third back operation. I was terribly deconditioned and in desperate need of building a sold foundation that would allow me to recover enough strength to begin to recover what I had lost so many years earlier because of the problems caused by lower back disc compression and stenosis. Lynda listened and watched…two very critical aspects of her approach which remarkably are so often missing from the approach taken by traditional physical therapists managing post-op patients. Nothing was forced other than impressing the need to be committed to the program and to trust that it would work with time. The results came pretty quickly with strength returning to my legs and to my core within two weeks of starting the program Lynda laid out for both our in-person sessions and for my work at home. We progressed from those early “baby steps” and I was able to make terrific progress. I should add that because I live on Long Island and because it was not always convenient for me to travel to Manhattan Lynda and I did occasionally work together via Skype so that we didn’t lose momentum.

If you are looking for someone to help you through a difficult recovery I can’t imagine anyone better than Lynda.