Courtney Smith

I have been through what feel like a lifetime of change with Lynda and do not think there is a better Pilates instructor. I came to Lynda after having given birth to two small kids and never fully getting my body back. Lynda saw me through a surprise third pregnancy, as well as extensive complications and recovery afterward.

I gave birth to an eleven-pound baby. Working with Lynda throughout the pregnancy enabled me to carry the baby comfortably with minimal strain, no bladder leakage, and no back pain,. Her work also helped me give birth successfully and naturally.

After the birth, I suffered from both a prolapse of my uterus and a major separation of my abdominal muscles. Both injuries limited my mobility and put me at increased risk for back pain. But I was able to continue to see Lynda because she quickly understood which exercises I couldn’t do, which ones I could do with modification, and which ones I absolutely needed to do to compensate for the injuries and keep my body strong.

When I had major surgery to repair everything, the surgeon said I had the fastest physical recovery he had ever seen. I credit Lynda and all the work we did. A year after the surgery, I am fully recovered and really in the best shape of my life.

I came out of those tough pregnancy and early childbearing years looking and feeling better than when I started, and I could not have done it without Lynda’s instruction and support.