Christine Markow, Ph.D.

I can attest even with my T12-L1 incomplete spinal cord injury – I was in the best shape of my life (and the smallest size 2) when working with Lynda 2x a week in private sessions. Lynda has a very special talent to foresee what Pilates move to do next in the set to stretch and strengthen in a way which made me more mobile and flexible. If I was not able to complete the move in the traditional way, Lynda found a creative way to make modifications such that I could do the work. Lynda took my core strength and walking abilities to new heights which, to this day, has stayed with me. I really miss working with you. Your patience and creativity on have helped me go further. Push, stretch and strengthen. No one has compared!! You have a very special talent that should not be taken for granted. I miss you. Thanks Lynda.