Andy Sherwood

I recently took Lynda’s diastasis / hernia workshop. For the first time in ten years of years of teaching Pilates, I finally feel confident to take on a diastasis client. We learned how to take a client through their first visit and got a comprehensive teaching of what things to focus on and what to avoid.

If the workshop material is not delivered in a way that’s interesting, hands on, and fun, then it is much harder to focus and retain. This is not a problem with Lynda , as she is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and fun!

I have also been thoroughly enjoying my private sessions with Lynda as I work through reconnecting to my abdominals after abdominal surgery. As an instructor myself, it can be extremely discouraging to face challenge in my own core.

Lynda moves me in a fun, flowing, and deep way. She is encouraging throughout the session even when you are being corrected and challenged. Highly recommend a one on one to get the full Lynda Lippin experience.