Lynda Lippin’s Services

Pilates and Fitness

I. In-Person Sessions

I see clients at two fully-equipped studios in NYC, Real Pilates, 177 Duane Street in Tribeca, and at Pilates on Fifth, 501 Fifth Ave., 22nd Floor, at 42nd St. I can also come to you.

Private and Duet Pilates sessions are 55 minutes, and will focus on what your body needs, and may include all of the Pilates apparatus and Pilates mat exercises. Fitness Sessions will focus on what your body needs and may involve kettlebell and weight training, strength-oriented Pilates spring exercises, HIIT cardio, and body weight exercises.

In-home, gym, or hotel sessions may include exercise using your equipment, as well as Pilates mat, TRX, HIIT cardio, and body weight exercises.

  • Studio Privates start at $160, with package discounts available. In home privates start at $260, with package discounts available.

II. Skype/Facetime Sessions

I can train you wherever you are via free video Skype or Facetime. As long as you have decent internet, and I can see you on your mat or apparatus, or in your gym, I can teach you!

  • 55-minute Skype/Facetime sessions cost $90 or 5@405, payable via Paypal.
  • For Pilates Teachers and Personal Trainers, Skype/Facetime sessions cost $80 or 5@$360, payable via Paypal.

III. Usui Reiki

I offer Usui Reiki training both in person and on-line. If you are interested in my next live Reiki I class in NYC, contact me via the form below.

For on-line training, you simply purchase and download the manual, contact me to set up an attunement, and then receive support from me during your 21 days of self-practice. See link below.

I also offer in-person and distance Reiki healing sessions. Contact me for more information.

IV. Online Group Pilates Programs

I offer 6-week online Pilates programs for Back Pain and Diastasis Recti repair. These programs include bespoke workouts (you follow my program 4-5 days per week with 15-30 minute workouts), with daily checkins and, when the group is larger, a Facebook group for community support. This is also much less expensive than working with me one-on-one.

V. Digital Pilates & Reiki Products

Just click on the product name for more information.

Usui Reiki I eCourse (includes manual, attunement, support, and certificate) -$37

Pilates for Back Pain eCourse – $97

Pilates Audios – $10 each:

  • Pilates for Lower Back Pain
  • Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Pilates Basics Mat Class
  • Pilates with Ring and Foam Roller

Coaching and Consulting

I. Consulting for Pilates and Fitness Business (Studio, Gym, Spa, Hotel)

Leverage my 27 years of experience for you! You will learn from my mistakes, so you don’t make them yourself, and from my successes, so you can replicate them! I can help you set up and grow your studio, gym, spa, or hotel Pilates and Fitness business.

  • Location
  • Layout and build-out
  • Equipment choices – what brand, which pieces, and how many
  • Trainer recruitment
  • Programming & Pricing
  • Marketing (on property, local, social media)

Pricing depends on the scope of work. Contact me to discuss.

II. Coaching for Pilates and Fitness Teachers

Are you struggling with your Pilates or fitness business? Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure? I can help!

All of us go through those moments, but I can show you tested and proven methods of getting out and moving forward with clarity, vigor, and joy! Define who you are as a teacher or trainer and move forward with clarity and certainty.

Coaching for Pilates and Fitness teachers costs $600 per month, or $1500 per quarter, which includes five hours total of phone or Skype meetings per month, and unlimited email support.

Contact me to see if my consulting or coaching programs are right for you.

Lenny Reisner

Lenny Reisner

Lynda rules.  It’s that simple.  Through my sessions with Lynda, I have seen my personal and private/group Pilates practice improve.  And, as a result of attending Lynda’s marketing workshops (over a year ago), I was able to have the courage and know-how to make significant business/professional changes that brought in more positivity, and income.

About two years ago I was stuck in a tough working situation and needed help.  Scanning the upcoming workshops on social media I saw Lynda’s Marketing workshops for Pilates/Yoga teachers and I decided to attend.  Long story short, I was blown away by the spot-on advice Lynda was able to give regarding my personal value, energy; marketing strategies and referrals; income generation and tracking; and, more.  She gave us her best secrets, her best strategies, and yes THEY PAID OFF.  Nonetheless after her workshops I made some difficult yet necessary changes, but as I moved away from a place of resent, just as Lynda predicted, a surge of positivity was able to enter.  Lynda’s advice was practical, but also psychologically important.

My first session with Lynda was a blast.  She was smart in her hands on techniques, clear in instruction, and man, she made me work hard.  As one of my “go-to” trainers in New York City, I know Lynda is creative, focused on what I need, detail oriented and brilliant.  She was my first introduction to classical Pilates and through her teaching, and from others, demystified some of the misconceptions I had about classical Pilates.  I now value the work so much more.  My sessions with her have aided me tremendously in my own practice, as well as when I teach private clients.  Were it not that my schedule has filled up so much, I would make every attempt to see Lynda weekly.  She rocks.

Lenny Reisner

Yera Kim

I met Lynda when I wanted to advance my career. I am a Pilates instructor in NYC. Even though I had been working as an instructor for a while, it was the first time I thought about working for myself. I didn’t know the first thing about having my own business. Her experience as an owner of successful Pilates studios in Philadelphia area, together with her patience and knowledge of the fitness field were the very thing I was looking for. She encouraged me to look what makes me unique as a practitioner and how to apply it to my teaching. After just a month working with her, I became more confident. She never doubted my abilities. She showed me who I am and how I can find it, which is the best advice a new small business owner can ask for.

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