Practicing Pilates

Practicing Pilates Open Leg Rocker

Practicing Pilates is like practicing anything. The more you do it, the better it gets!

The word practice is an interesting one. Somehow in our culture we tend to think of practicing as something that comes before, to get you ready for the real thing.

You practice until you get it right.

But we use the word for some pretty important things.

Doctors practice medicine, dentists practice dentistry, and engineers practice engineering. Do they ever get it right? Does the practice ever end?

I would say no, practice should never end. There is always more to feel, find, understand, and practice.

Practicing Pilates is similar. Some days Pilates is easy and some days not so much.

Some days I can find a nuance of an exercise that changes everything, and then I am off practicing again.

Some days the workout flows and I feel like practicing Pilates has paid off, and other days not so much.

How about you? Do you have any things that you practice? And are you happy practicing, or do you feel the need to get it right?


15 thoughts on “Practicing Pilates

  1. I can telling my pilates instructor that I felt like I was never going to “get it right” as she was always giving me something else to do to improve the technique, and she said that as you develop, you can do more, so it’s not a case of not learning, but progressing. So I’ve learnt to accept that it is a continual journey and sometimes the more you learn, you realise that the less you know!
    Tamsin recently posted…Are You Living With Intention?My Profile

  2. Interesting post Lynda! Are we ever masters of anything? To me when one feels they’re perfect or can’t improve, they limit themselves to becoming greater. There’s always room to practice.
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…Held Captive by FearMy Profile

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