Is Pilates Stunted?

is pilates stunted

Is Pilates Stunted?

I recently read a press release regarding London personal trainer James D’Silva and his new Garuda machine, which is slowly making its way to the US.

In the article, which discusses the reasoning behind the Garuda, D’Silva is quoted as saying,

Over the years I have found Pilates quite stunted, so I have come up with a contraption which amalgamates Pilates machines into one and adds some features. I found the whole repertoire quite boring after so many years and I thought I could take it somewhere else. It has worked really well.

I always wonder how anyone could find Pilates stunted. With the mat work and all of the apparatus (including some that almost no studios have anymore – like the baby arm chair, guillotine, and head harness) and props, there are literally thousands of possibilities.

In fact, the longer I do and teach Pilates, the more complex and varied it gets. There is just so much that you can do within the system of Contrology (that’s what Joseph Pilates called it).

Here is the Garuda in action:


9 thoughts on “Is Pilates Stunted?

  1. His work on the apparatus seems far more like an extension of yoga than Pilates (neither of which is stunted).Perhaps he should try creative ways of marketing his system rather than criticizing others.

  2. Devra, the gym’s loss and your gain. Well done! Kim, while there is a lot of Pilates in this work, it is quite different. I have a client who has worked with him and loves the Garuda. But she says that it is not pilates. Anabel, I am so sick of winter. Snow and ice have been omnipresent. That said, I love living in NYC!

  3. I so agree Lynda; if one finds Pilates stunted or boring then its that PERSON who is stunted and boring. I am always learning something new, and there are hundreds of possibilities to advance the work. I think the Garuda machine is interesting , and similar to gyrotonics in that its an OFFSHOOT of Pilates. Why is there such a need to diss Pilates or a teacher? Insecurity or greed I guess. How are you in the cold? Missing the beach yet?

  4. Pilates isn’t stunted! That’s what he’s doing and he has just invented a new name and apperatus combining the Chair, Trapeze and Reformer. Clever he is….see a little Gyro in there too.

  5. Lynda. My clients agree too but apparently my style of teaching did not appeal to the club mentality majority so I was taken off the schedule. The good news is that the students who liked me (and there were plenty of them) followed me.

  6. I find that belief to be somewhat prevalent here in SoCal. I love Pilates and although my training is mixed I tend to stay within the box. When teaching at various clubs, I was told that students don’t like that type of Pilates and that it needed to be more of a sculpting class. I stuck to my guns because my feeling is, Pilates is good enough as is.

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