Pilates Kneeling Side Kicks

pilates kneeling side kicks

Pilates Kneeling Side Kicks – an advanced Pilates mat exercise to strengthen torso stability and sides of the body.

If I hear Pilates Plus and SLT described one more time as “Pilates on steroids” I am going to pull out what little, short hair I have on my head.

Why does this make me so angry?

Pilates in and of itself is so hard! Most people never experience the advanced exercises, and these are where the rest of the work comes together into some crazy hard, good strength exercises.

One of those is the Kneeling Side Kicks. Basically, this is a longer lever side plank with added hip flexion and extension. You balance on one knee one hand as you kick your straight leg without moving anything but your leg. It is challenging and really good for you.

Here is my Real Pilates colleague Emily Hoffman demonstrating the Pilates Kneeling Side Kicks.

Try it and let me know what you think!



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  1. Stopping by from the SITS Girls comment love challenge! I used to practice pilates back in college and have done it sporadically since through rec center classes or DVDs. This looks like a great, intense exercise and I like that you don’t need any other tools or apparatuses for it. Thanks for sharing!
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