Pilates for Back Pain eCourse

Lynda Lippin’s Pilates for Back Pain eCourse

Learn from the Master how to safely perform and teach all Pilates Mat exercises.

Ease back pain, improve posture, strengthen, and tone.

This course will help you if you are new to Pilates, practice regularly, or are a Pilates teacher or Fitness trainer.

This eCourse is for you if:

You have back pain and want to feel better.

Your back hurts and people have suggested that Pilates might help.

You already do Pilates and aren’t sure if you are doing the exercises correctly.

You are a Pilates teacher or fitness trainer who isn’t sure how to handle clients with back pain.

You have questions about how to do or teach all of the Classical Pilates mat exercises (beginner through advanced) in a way that will help and not make back pain worse.

I can help you!

I have spent decades teaching Pilates for Back Pain, honing my techniques of teaching the Pilates Mat exercises in a way that helps people reduce and often eliminate their lower back pain.

Well-performed Pilates helps to eliminate spine compression, allowing for healthy mobility. It is harder to do the Pilates Mat exercises correctly, with awareness of pelvic position and proper deep abdominal work, but doing them this way will help you function better with less back pain. You will feel the difference!

“This is so easy to follow and understand, that it as good for the Pilates professional with clients they are stymied by, as well as the layman who just wants to feel better, understand why they hurt, and still want to get a workout. Living life on the couch (or Lazy Boy chair) isn’t good for anyone, so get this eCourse, get moving and feel better.” –Sunni Almond, Pilates Glossy


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Robert Earl

Lynda Lippin has been responsible for curing a substantial amount of my aches and pains. Lynda is a gem. She really displays great knowledge and care and is one tough broad. She has created the best working environment to get the best out of you. She is the first trainer that hasn’t pushed too hard … Read more

Lisa Snowdon

Lynda, you’re amazing! The most educational yet fun workouts, quick results, and still no back pain thanks to you.

David Richman

I had that great fortune of finding my way to Lynda several months after my third back operation. I was terribly deconditioned and in desperate need of building a sold foundation that would allow me to recover enough strength to begin to recover what I had lost so many years earlier because of the problems … Read more

David E. Richman, Esq.

Courtney Smith

I have been through what feel like a lifetime of change with Lynda and do not think there is a better Pilates instructor. I came to Lynda after having given birth to two small kids and never fully getting my body back. Lynda saw me through a surprise third pregnancy, as well as extensive complications … Read more

Courtney Smith

Donna Karan

Working with Lynda, I can’t tell you how much she has helped me with my bad back. Her pilates and fitness program compliments my yoga practice. No matter how crooked I wake up in the morning her affect is remarkable, Lynda has become a must on my list.

Donna Karan

Rahul Jacob

Lynda Lippin is quite simply the best Pilates teacher I’ve had and I have had a few… I am taking her Pilates Audios and exercises with me to Bangalore where I will be for a month and then China. Thank you, Lynda for your extraordinarily quick diagnosis of my problems and for your big hearted … Read more

Rahul Jacob

Christine Markow, Ph.D.

I can attest even with my T12-L1 incomplete spinal cord injury – I was in the best shape of my life (and the smallest size 2) when working with Lynda 2x a week in private sessions. Lynda has a very special talent to foresee what Pilates move to do next in the set to stretch … Read more

Christine Markow, Ph.D.

Laurie Anderson

Lynda Lippin’s teaching is genius! She quickly figures out what you really need & customizes it for you. She fixed my back plus she’s got a great sense of humor so sessions are a pleasure.

Laurie Anderson

Natalie Livingstone

Lynda is the only personal trainer I have worked with who combines hard-core cardio, super-toning but not bulking weight circuits, and expert pilates. Her results speak for themselves – after a week with Lynda I feel energized, stronger, back-pain free and ultra-lean. I always look forward to training with this amazing woman!

Natalie Livingstone

The Pilates for Back Pain eCourse features an easy-to-understand self-led curricu
lum that will take you from pre-Pilates fundamentals through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced classical Pilates mat work (including some standing footwork, wall exercises, and reformer on the mat), with spine safety modifications for various common spine issues, including stenosis and disc herniations.

You will learn the importance of breath, pelvic stability, and length without compression, and how to move properly no matter what you are doing.

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You get hours of useful content:

  • A 108 page pdf manual with lists of every Pilates exercise (the entire Pilates mat plus extras and fundamentals) with photos and easy-to-follow instructions. Also my Pilates for back pain philosophy and some exercise basics.
  • 9 Videos of the workouts with commentary, modifications, and variations, plus extra video lectures about the causes of back pain, the importance of pelvic stability, and general rules of exercising with back pain.
  • Audios of the workouts that you can do anywhere.

This Pilates eCourse is packed with everything that works to Get Rid of Back Pain!

It is perfect for anyone with back pain who has been cleared to exercise and is unsure what to do.

Great for Pilates teachers who teach mat and are unsure about how to teach Classical Pilates mat exercises to people with back pain.

And yes, you will build strength, increase flexibility, and tone up your body while addressing your back pain.

This content, from one of the world's top Pilates teachers, is worth thousands of dollars.

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