Five Coaching Mistakes Every New Trainer Makes

five coaching mistakes

There are Five Coaching Mistakes That Every New Trainer Makes

In yesterday’s post on Marketing 101, I mentioned my friend Dax Moy, the highest paid trainer in the UK for very good reason.

In dealing with his own PTSD after surviving the tsunami in Thailand, Dax realized that many of the ways he (and everyone else) was coaching clients, including how he talks to them and how he frames questions, were actually making things harder for them.

So instead of fighting with non-compliant clients, instead of stressing then out and making them feel threatened by yelling at them, giving them ultimatums, pushing too hard, and expecting way too much, Dax started really listening to his clients and approaching them from a different place.

A place of support, understanding, and healing.

Do you make these five coaching mistakes?

Does your trainer or coach make them?

There is a better way!


8 thoughts on “Five Coaching Mistakes Every New Trainer Makes

  1. Thanks for sharing this important information – a great resource for those who are wanting to increase their fitness knowledge and know how.

  2. I’m going to share this post with my sister who is embarking on a new career as a holistic health coach. She is very good at what she does, and almost righteous about her lifestyle, which won’t always translate well with clients. I think this a great source for her – thank you for sharing.

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