My 50th Birthday Gifts – to You!


It’s my 50th birthday on September 22, which is next week, and I thought I would give you all some gifts! What is a birthday without gifts?

Gift One: Free Pilates Basics Mat Class Audio now through 9/22/16 with code BirthdayGift

This is just a nice 40 minute basic Pilates mat class, safe for healthy bodies and a nice introduction to my audio Pilates teaching. If you like it, you can purchase my other audios at half price!

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Pilates audios for back pain, neck pain, and working with the magic circle and foam roller – $3.50.

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My new Usui Reiki I eCourse with distance attunement – $18.50.

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Gift Three: 50% off Distance Reiki and Skype Pilates now through 9/22/16 when pre-purchased via Paypal

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And if you feel moved, please donate to my family medical expense fund at YouCaring. Thank you!

Help Please

In the past few months we have received lousy health news in my house, for both hubby and me, requiring crazy medical expenses. And this is where we see the limits of our super-expensive health care system in the US.

I, like most Americans, have insurance through work – a decent Silver level plan. And, as I saw in this morning’s news, while our premiums have gone down, our deductible and out of pocket maximum are up. So medical expenses are really up.

We have to spend $6000 just in deductible for Aetna to pick up many charges, and even then some co-pays are outrageous – like several hundred dollars per month for medication (which would be thousands without insurance, so in some alternate universe this all makes sense). And we have to spend over $13000 before the crazy copays go away.

That’s right – over $13000 in medical expenses with insurance. Doesn’t that raise your blood pressure right there?

So I have set up a YouCaring page. It can accept donations from all over the world with a credit or debit card. And any help, large or small, is much appreciated.

Please help. Thanks in advance.


Really, Aetna? This is Health Insurance?


Since we moved back to the US from Turks and Caicos, I have been progressively disgusted by what passes for health care and health insurance here. It is truly upsetting.

Really, Aetna?

Uninsured in the Caribbean

When we first moved out of the US, we had no health insurance for about a year or two before National Health and a job with private health insurance, so we paid cash for everything. I can tell you that an Advair disc cost $125 retail outside of the US. Here, even with health insurance, we cannot afford the copay on Advair, and the “discounted” price is much more than $125.

Our doctors always gave a cash discount, and we were fine.

Under National Health, the Advair was $25. My mammogram was a $10 copay at the hospital. And when hubby had to be flown off to Miami for emergency care, the whole thing cost us that same $10 copay.

If a small Caribbean country can figure out how to pay for health care, why can’t the US? We paid 4.6% out of our salary, and the company paid 5.4%  – NIH worked on 10% of people’s pay, with the burden shared between employers and employees.

The Nightmare of US Healthcare

So, we moved back to NY in late 2011 and since then I have had, in four years, four different plans from two different insurers, United Healthcare and Aetna. Each year they cancel the particular plan that we have and we have to take a slightly different one, that pays for less with higher copays, and costs the same or more.

For over $1000/month for two people pre-tax, we have in network copays of $50 for primary care and $75 for specialists, plus a total deductible of $6000 and a total out of pocket max of $12000. So, for over $12000/year in premiums, we still have another $18000 we might have to spend, plus co-pays. And prescriptions.

Aetna Makes Mistakes and Profits

Today I discovered that this year Aetna doesn’t fully cover breast ultrasounds. I have dense breasts, and routinely get an ultrasound at least ever other year to make sure I am clear.

This time, for the first time ever, I have a bill for over $300. Why? Because to Aetna an ultrasound is never routine, so it falls under my deductible. Really, Aetna?

So, while I was on the phone with Aetna, I decided to have the representative go through every claim. Well, there were six claims that they didn’t pay that they should have covered in full. Of course, I already paid the providers for those, and now I have to try to get money back. Really, Aetna?

Could this be the reason for your 1 star consumer rating?

Paying for Chronic Illness

Now we have some new chronic illnesses in my house. We are looking at things like COPD, psoriatic arthritis, and autoimmune diseases.

All of these things will require multiple specialist visits, new medications and treatments, and tests. Hello, deductible and out of pocket expenses!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an extra $20,000 just laying around to spend on healthcare this year. That’s why I have health insurance! I am close to the wire as it is.

This is an added expense that could break me. If you would like to help, please make a donation at my YouCaring page. Thanks so much!

Really, Aetna?


Why I Do Pilates

why i do pilates

I realized today that I have been doing Pilates since 1986/7, which is a solid 30 years. Pilates feels like home to me. It is so familiar, but can be so different depending on whether I have a teacher and on how my body is doing.

But in the end I can boil my love affair with Pilates down to just a few words.

I do Pilates to maintain stability in my hypermobile joints, while maintaining healthy joint and spine mobility.

I do Pilates to maintain control over my body and how it feels and functions.

I do Pilates to continue breathing deeply as I move, and to continue to move with flow and ease.

And I do Pilates to stay strong, centered, and balanced both physically and mentally.

Basically, I want to be able to comfortably sit down and stand up from the floor, which is apparently the hallmark of how long I will live. I also want to be able to pick up heavy things and move them up, down, and around. I want to put my own bag in the overhead compartment! And I want to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

Additionally, I want to have some fun and do things that are hard but cool (semi circle and tendon stretch on the reformer, anyone?). I want to feel my spine move, but in a supported and safe way.

And, I would like to have all of this with no accompanying back, neck, or joint pain. Beautiful posture is lovely, as are toned abs and a nice tush, but not with pain.

I have had enough physical pain in my life. Broken bones, car accidents, boat accidents, surgeries, shingles 3x on my sciatic nerve, the crushed toe that wouldn’t knit and had me in a boot for 5 months, the pelvic pain from endometriosis and the surgeries for that, have all given me a healthy respect for pain.

That’s me doing tree with the boot on.

Why anyone would want to exercise in any way that would cause or increase pain is beyond me. The no pain thing, to me, is non-negotiable.

I am thrilled to be as functional and strong now as I was 30 years ago, if not even stronger.

If you are experiencing physical or emotional challenges in your exercise life, I highly recommend giving Pilates a try. It may the perfect solution for you!

Why do you do Pilates? Leave a comment and let me know!

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PPS – Here is free video of some pre-Pilates fundamentals for back pain.


Labor Day Sale! 35% off Pilates & Reiki Products

labor day

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the real life of September, with school starting and the mellowness of summer coming to an end.

Labor Day Sale! 35% off Pilates & Reiki Products

Labor Day 2016 is here! And it being September, lots of other life events for me. My Mom passed in September 2013, my 50th birthday is around the corner, and our 24 year Bus Stop anniversary (the day we met).

With this being such an important time in my life, I thought I would share the love with all of you. Starting now, through 11pm tomorrow 6 September, you can buy any of my digital products at 35% off. No code needed.

That’s right – get any or all of my Pilates Audios (regularly $7 each), the Pilates for Back Pain eCourse (regularly $47), and my brand new Usui Reiki I class (regularly $37) at 35% off.

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Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop


Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop for Teachers – Sunday, July 10, 2016 1-4pm at Real Pilates Soho

Training clients with hernia and diastasis recti requires a small shift in thinking and approach for many Pilates teachers. It is crucial at the beginning that these clients avoid increases in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), yet almost all beginning Pilates exercises involve working with just that.
This is a really fun and useful workshop!

Register for Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop – July 10, 2016

From the Last Workshop

Lynda is knowledgeable and approachable (Tricia Dean O’Donnell)

Lynda Lippin’s Hernia and Diastasis workshop should be a requirement for any Pilates certification program, basic or comprehensive. These are common problems among women and even men. The integration of the breathe and movement and how it affects intra abdominal pressure is necessary knowledge for every pilates instructor. Lynda is knowledgeable and approachable, sharing what many certification programs fail to cover.

Tricia Dean O’Donnell, Classically Certified 1997

Tricia Dean O'Donnell

The Hernia and Diastasis Recti workshop was both informative and fun (Margaret DiMeo)

The Hernia and Diastasis Recti workshop was both informative and fun. I particularly enjoyed the detail focused on the breathing and the importance of using the breath to stabilize. This, I believe, is so integral to the students – to feel the difference between stress placed on abs when not fully breathing and then to implement exercise with thoughtful breath. I would indeed attend another workshop and I found Lynda to be not only approachable and lovely, but willing to share her knowledge! Thank you.

Margaret DiMeo

Excited for Lynda’s next workshop! (Juan Estrada)

I feel the importance of breathing exercises in Pilates is often overlooked! I appreciated that breath was a great focus. Excited for Lynda’s next workshop!

Juan Estrada

It Was A Great Hernia/Diastasis Workshop (Charlotte Novak)

It was a great Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti workshop with focus on breathing and intra-abdominal pressure. With that knowledge I can now integrate it into the system of Pilates and to my clients needs. I almost think you could do a part 1 and a part 2 in this workshop because there is so much information to talk about. You were great Lynda! I would definitely take another workshop from you and your knowledge from experience and understanding of the human body is priceless!

Charlotte Novack

I finally feel confident to take on a diastasis client. (Andy Sherwood)

I recently took Lynda’s diastasis / hernia workshop. For the first time in ten years of years of teaching Pilates, I finally feel confident to take on a diastasis client. We learned how to take a client through their first visit and got a comprehensive teaching of what things to focus on and what to avoid.

If the workshop material is not delivered in a way that’s interesting, hands on, and fun, then it is much harder to focus and retain. This is not a problem with Lynda , as she is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and fun!

I have also been thoroughly enjoying my private sessions with Lynda as I work through reconnecting to my abdominals after abdominal surgery. As an instructor myself, it can be extremely discouraging to face challenge in my own core.

Lynda moves me in a fun, flowing, and deep way. She is encouraging throughout the session even when you are being corrected and challenged. Highly recommend a one on one to get the full Lynda Lippin experience.

What is a Hernia?

According to the NIH,

A hernia is a sac formed by the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritoneum). The sac comes through a hole or weak area in the strong layer of the belly wall that surrounds the muscle. This layer is called the fascia.

Basically, a hernia is an area where the intestines start to protrude through a weak area in the abdominal wall. Hernias are named for location (inguinal – groin, umbilical – belly button, hiatal – upper abdomen, femoral – upper thigh).

Hernias are caused by straining while abdominal pressure is increased – it can happen on the toilet, opening a window, or even lifting weights and/or doing abdominal exercises incorrectly.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti as defined by the NIH:

Diastasis recti is a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the belly area.

Most diastasis recti is seen in pregnant women, where the muscle separates as the woman’s belly expands, but I have also seen it in men, and is also present in some infants.

Pilates Can Help IF It Is Taught Correctly

Luckily, it is easy to modify exercises and cue your clients to work in a way that helps.
In this workshop, I will share the successful modifications and techniques that have made me lower Manhattan’s most sought out classical Pilates specialist for people with diastasis recti and hernia. This 3 hour workshop includes anatomy, lecture, and practice on mat and apparatus.
You will leave with many, many tools to help your clients literally pull themselves together!
*You must be a Comprehensively trained Pilates instructor to register for this workshop.
Cost: $150 without PMA CECs / $180 with 3 PMA

Healthy July Summer Fun Giveaway


Healthy July Summer Fun Giveaway

I can’t believe it is already July and we are in the second half of 2016. Luckily summer is just getting underway here in the northeast US, and I have a fabulous giveaway to help make your healthy July even more fabulous and healthy!

You may have recently read my article on the health benefits of Panax Ginseng and thought that you might want to try it for energy, increased performance, and possible lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
panax ginseng giveawayAnd you may have heard about the new Wraps headphones, that offer great sound and a convenient bracelet carrying option.

2016-06-10 08.15.52Now through midnight 7/13/2016 you can enter to win both for your healthy July! Panax ginseng for some energy and Wraps headphones for some music to use it! Both of these products are awesome.

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