Bye Bye Back Pain – Online Program

Are You Ready for Life Without Back Pain?

What makes Bye Bye Back Pain different?

You are a strong, busy, vibrant person.

You work, raise a family, are active in your community.

You deserve to feel your very best for yourself and everyone around you!

But your back hurts. You have tried everything – seen the chiropractor, gone for massages, taken the muscle relaxers and pain pills. You have tried every exercise program, including yoga and pilates, and your back still hurts.

Maybe you have an overstretched SI joint or a disc herniation. Or maybe just muscular imbalances. All you know is that it hurts. And the pain stops you from fully enjoying your life and being fully present for your family and friends.

You need a solution. Something sustainable and effective, that won’t take up hours out of your week or require new equipment that you have no space for.

The next round of Bye Bye Back Pain begins on Monday, August 7. Grab your spot today! 

Back Pain ReliefYou need Bye Bye Back Pain!

You will understand how to position your spine for pain-free movement.

You will learn which exercises are the best for your back, and how to do them correctly.

You will gain both strength and flexibility.

You will enjoy your life again!

In addition to less back pain, you can expect to see an increase in strength and energy, along with better posture, and more muscle tone!

My online programs fill up fast, so don’t miss out! Once the program is full, I will close the doors until the next round. So grab your spot, before they are all gone!

The next round of Bye Bye Back Pain begins on Monday,August 7. Grab your spot today! 

I suffered from back pain for years, which is why I started Pilates.

Pilates helped a lot, but I still spent more time in pain than I wanted.

When I learned how to apply correct spine positioning to Pilates and other exercises, my back started to feel better.

And when I started to teach my clients what I learned, their backs felt better, too!

Now I will teach you how to move correctly and be in less back pain with easy-to-follow exercise programs.

How does an Online Fitness Program work?

I will provide you with a full program guide, workouts for 6 weeks, trainings, and daily motivation. You will be joining a private Facebook group to share your updates, questions, and progress. I will be there daily to answer questions in the Facebook community group.

There are beginner workouts, as well as more advanced. You can do the workouts at home or in a gym (no equipment needed) and I will also help you work in your current favorite classes. If you are a trainer, I will help you plan within the workouts that you teach.

The next round of Bye Bye Back Pain begins on Monday,August 7. Grab your spot today! Just $199.