Prepare for Skiing with Pilates

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According to writer Debra Moore, “Dr. John Kemp, a Red Bluff-based orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in sports medicine, recommends working out for a minimum of six to eight weeks before you hitting the mountain.” For 74 year old skier Bob Clearie, that means working out seven days a week, dividing his workouts between two gyms and a variety of activities. “Not only does he do cardio and strengthening work as Kemp recommends, but he has added Pilates to his routine.”

Cleary takes a Pilates class 3 times a week at Cutting Edge Fitness in Redding, CA. “Pilates is all about core strength and most people don’t work on it,” he said.

Lower Back Pain Pilates Audio

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Pilates Teacher and writer Ann Samoilov has tested my Lower Back Pain Mp3 and here are her unedited comments:

I just did Lynda Lippin’s Lower Back Pain audio workout. Now, I do not
have any known issues with my back and I don’t suffer from any chronic
pain. However, I will say that I do have hip tightness and random
pain caused by liftiing my toddler incorrectly.

I finished this guided exercise sequence much more open and looser in
my hips–especially the outer hips and also where I experienced
sciatica pain during pregnancy.

I highly recommend this audio program to anyone who has minimal or
continuous back pain. My own mother is struggling with some lower
back issues and I won’t hesitate to recommend she try this!

The sequence of exercises has all the qualities of a solid pilates
principles workout–easy to follow, well-paced and above all safe.
Lynda has the ability to be very specific without overwhelming the
listening with anatomical jargon. She says just enough and a little
bit more to get you feeling what you should be feeling.

I can’t wait to hear Lynda’s next program and hope she considers doing
a series for prenatal women.

Thanks Ann! I will work on the prenatal as well as one for osteoporosis.

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Book Review: So I Need To Lose 15 Pounds

Before you buy this book please be forewarned that it is not an expertly written guidebook to safe weight loss. In fact, you could probably find more information on any of the weight loss plans mentioned by checking their websites or reading the book jacket. So I Need to Lose 15 Pounds is a cute Japanese manga cartoon book that will have you laughing hysterically at coffee enemas and hot yoga. Shiho Torii is a Japanese manga illustrator and author who was approached by a publisher to research and keep a running blog for five months on her attempts to lose 15 pounds using as many plans as possible. Her blog ended up being the most widely read blog among young women in Japan, and this book ended up as a very funny look at the universal topic of weight loss.

Month One is devoted to renewal and cleansing, starting with a visit to the gym, the Reset Diet, ginger tea, colon cleansing enemas, and geranium baths. In Month Two she has her first plateau in the midst of the BOOCS diet, DNA diet, shiho-style stress removing diet, and the balance ball. Month Three is natural – macrobiotics, raw foods, hot yoga, and walking. Month Four is full of gadgets – the NASA developmental equipment, spa wraps and treatments, and correction of her pelvic position. Finally in Month Five Torii looks into hot baths, massages, qiqong and taichi.

The good: Torii does in fact lose the weight and discovers a few truths along the way, such as the fact that enemas do not act the same way on every body and the joys of the stability balance ball for exercising. She pokes holes in the weight loss by sweating rituals (body wraps, saunas, etc.) as you only lose water, she shows the folly of home enemas and other cleansing programs, and at the end of the five months does the best with anything that focuses on portion control, eating healthy, and exercising. She also survives her plateaus and makes you feel like you could too.

The bad: Some of the programs are downright dangerous and really should not be undertaken without medical supervision. And some of her information, such as the fact that sitting in a hot bath burns more calories than sitting on the couch, is just plain wrong! But my biggest complaint is length; the book is simply too short to really offer much useful information. Just a few more pages (or a few less diets) would have allowed Torii to cover the ones she chose in greater depth.

So I Need to Lose 15 Pounds is cute, hysterically funny in places, and the manga is well drawn. I would have liked to see a bit more information and fact checking before the book went to print, especially since manga appeals to a younger audience and it is important to give young women correct information about weight loss and health. But all in all this book manages to bridge any cultural divides and shows the commonality of weight loss experiences and body image issues among women around the world.

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Pilates, MS, Neck Pain

Hi Lynda,

I am 46 y.o. woman with kyphosis and scoliosis for many years. Never have really done something about it. Recently I have been diagnosed with MS, mitral valve prolapse, carpal tunnel syndrome. I must also add that I have anemia since childhood and I am in menopause since 38 y.o. I had a pregnancy at my 35 and my daughter has been born when I was 36. The indication to send me to the doctor’s were strong vertigo that completely threw me down. I do Pilates (BASI) for 6 months now and have seen a lot of improvement. However, sometimes during workout (when I try to maintain my position in abdominals and/or roll ups and leg stretch), I feel like my head is going to explode. What can I change to avoid that? It makes me stop the exercise and really don’t want to start over.

Thanks in advance,


Dear Sophia,

Your story is so inspiring! Congratulations on finding Pilates and following an exercise path which will help you tremendously going forward.

Regarding your neck/head tension, it doesn’t surprise me at all that head up positions hurt you with your history of kyphosis and MS. I suggest avoiding the position all together, using pillows or towels when needed, and work instead on stretching your chest and shoulders in extension.

Let me know if you have more questions.



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Book Review: ZenDOG: Music and Massage for a Stress-Free Pet

Like many people, I have a dog with some small behavioral issues. Smiley was a stray who adopted us, and her previous owner abandoned her and left her outside and on her own. She has severe separation anxiety as a result, and will howl and bark in the house for hours after I leave to go shopping or anywhere other than a normal workday. She is smart enough to recognize different clothing and demeanor. When we travel I have to take Smiley to the dog boarder two days in advance lest she freak out when she sees us packing suitcases!

So when I saw Janet Marlow‘s ZenDOG kit of a book, a relaxation music for dogs CD, and a dog massage instructional DVD with massage brush, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. Janet Marlow is a pioneer in the field of dog relaxation music, actually recording music specifically composed to a dog’s hearing range that is still relaxing for human ears as well.

I was skeptical at first but I must say that Smiley loves the music! I now put the CD on repeat when I am getting ready to leave the house and Smiley doesn’t freak out as much. I have also started using the massage instructions and talking to Smiley more (yes, barking, howling, and generally making silly dog sounds) and she is responding. I almost feel like we have entire conversations even though I have no idea what we are discussing.

If you have a dog with behavioral issues, separation anxiety, irrational fears — or just want to learn more about how to lovingly bond with your dog — I highly recommend Marlow’s products. She even has an iPhone Pet Acoustics App to keep you and your pet connected where and whenever you need.

Great Pilates Ring and Roller Audio Workout

My friend and fellow Pilates teacher Anne Samoilov took the time out of her busy life to try a workout with my Pilates with Ring & Roller mp3 Workout and she just posted her review on her blog,

Rainy Day Pilates with Lynda Lippin

Once again the audio received a rave review, with Anne commenting on the clarity of my voice and cuing, the value for the price, and the efficacy of the 30 minute workout. I am thrilled!