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A Skype FaceTime Pilates Testimonial from Toronto Pilates Teacher Laura Lynn Harry

I love to teach Pilates, and love all of my Pilates clients for allowing me to teach them! I am especially enjoying connecting with new clients all over the place via Skype and FaceTime.

My biggest expanding client base for remote teaching is Pilates Teachers. I currently teach Pilates teachers in CA, Canada, and Long Island, and we are all having a great time!

Laura Lynn Harry’s Testimonial

Laura Lynn Harry owns Beach Pilates in Toronto, a BASI host studio. She teaches Pilates (both Stott and BASI certified), Barre, Spin, and TRX. Laura contacted me via this very website and we started working together last month.

We have done a mat session in her living room, as well as reformer and tower sessions at the studio.

Laura just sent me this FaceTime Pilates Testimonial (and encouraged me to share):

Hi Lynda

I just wanted to reach out to thank you & to let you know how much I’m loving our sessions over FaceTime!!   

I would have NEVER believed it was possible to get a good Pilates session  (let alone an AMAZING session!)  by only having you see me from a camera on my laptop!!!  BUT… it IS possible and each session has been absolutely fantastic… and my body is So happy 🙂

Your eyes see everything (again – I never would have believed it, with only my laptop… WHAT??!!! )  and I love that I can use any of my equipment to get in an amazing hour session with you… even though we’re in different countries.   Who woulda thunk?!!!

I’m seriously considering trying to squeeze in 2 sessions a week with you — that’s how much I’m enjoying our sessions.  *and I LOVE how I can hear your smile in your voice as I’m sweating and shaking – it’s reassuring to know how much joy you’re getting out of my torture.. LOL!  (Seriously though, I know it’s because you truly love what you do…. it’s VERY evident and you are an inspirational teacher.)

See you soon Lynda,


Laura Lynn Harry

How to Set Up A Remote Pilates Session

Setting up a remote Pilates session is super easy! All you need are some basic hardware and software and a good streaming data connection.


You need a device with a video camera – laptop, tablet, or phone, and a place to set it up near your mat or apparatus. I have clients who use their iPhone, some an iPad or other tablet, and some a laptop.

The internal device microphone is fine! You can also use a bluetooth headset/microphone if you want to limit outside noise.

You don’t even need a tripod. I have clients who just prop their phone up on a shelf or pillow.

And if you don’t own apparatus or a studio, remote sessions are HALF the price of a studio session with me, so if you can rent studio space for an hour you will still make out well!


For software, either FaceTime, which works on any Mac or iOS device, or Skype, which is free and cross-platform.

Once we connect, I will tell you exactly where to position your device so I can best see you.

That’s it!

Benefits of Remote Pilates Training

There are so many benefits to remote Pilates training!

  • You get to train with a master teacher without having to travel to NYC.
  • You can train in the comfort of your home or studio.
  • I can teach you from anywhere, even if I am traveling or away from home and studio.
  • I am available via email and social media for any questions you have in between sessions.

What Is the Cost of Remote Pilates Sessions?

I like to keep the cost on these down to make remote Pilates sessions more accessible.

For Pilates professionals, a single 55-minute Skype/FaceTime Pilates session is $80, or 5 @ $360, payable via PayPal.

For everyone else, a single Pilates session is $90, or 5 @ $405, payable via PayPal.

Interested? Contact me!


Pilates Cues

pilates cues

Clarity in Pilates Cues Sets You Up for Success

Lately I am having a lot of discussions about language and Pilates cues. Pilates teachers are asking me how to cue the spine, and clients are sharing with me how confusing they often find other teacher’s cuing.

Verbal Cues Should be Clear

Communication is always best when it is clear, short, and to the point. For example, say I am teaching someone to squat. Once they are set up standing with feet at hip width or a little wider with a bench or chair behind them, I say, “You are going to sit down on a bench, which is behind you. All I ask is that you keep your heels down and that you don’t move your spine. Just sit down and stand right back up.”

Then I move the bench away. “Now, pretend the bench is there and do the same thing. Go to sit, and then stand right back up. Spine doesn’t move.” Now I can layer in breathing if necessary, I can introduce weights, and/or different leg positions.

Note that at no point did I discuss “differentiated movement at the hips” or “pressing your abs into your back” or even knee alignment. I didn’t have to, because the original cues were clear and simple.

Because We Work With the Spine, Pilates Cues Should be Super Clear!

Most people, myself included, tend to compress their spines to stabilize. We push the lower back down, shove our shoulder blades together, tuck the pelvis, and wonder why everything is so hard!

I find that spine cuing can be easy if we just remember that in everything we do, we want to lengthen and decompress the spine. No matter where we are, in any position, we want a heavy sacrum and a long, lifted spine. I always say, “The trajectory of your spine from the sacrum should always be forward and up towards your skull!” Shoving the spine down is the exact opposite of what we want it to do.

This is how we maintain length without compression, which is a hallmark of Pilates. And yes, this concept works for flexion, extension, side-bending, and rotation!

How does cuing effect your workout? If you teach, how do your Pilates cues effect your clients’ workout?

Hear more of my cues in my videos here.

My Online Pilates Business

Online Pilates Business

I Am Growing My Online Pilates Business in 2017

I do quite a bit in the online space. For years I have sold Pilates audio downloads, my Pilates for Back Pain eCourse, my 6-Week Programs, and Skype/Facetime Sessions.

But this has always been my side business, secondary to in-studio training.

This year I am committed to taking my online Pilates business to new heights, and ultimately replacing ALL of my studio income online.

That’s right, I said ALL of my income!

This will allow us to travel and live wherever we want. It will allow us the financial and physical freedom to leave the US once and for all.

I can reach so many more people this way, spreading the love of spine-safe, good for you Pilates exercise.

To reach this goal, I have enrolled in my friend Amanda Tress’ Online Business Accelerator Workshop, which starts next Monday! 6 weeks of immersion, systems creation, and business growing in a supportive group.

I cannot wait to get started!

Neutral Spine Is A Myth

neutral spine pelvis

Neutral Spine Is Not A Thing! Neutral Pelvis Is.

I am not sure when I started hearing the phrase “neutral spine” popping up from clients and other Pilates pros, but it has been quite awhile. For whatever reason, I am hearing it a lot lately.

But when I ask people to define the phrase, they cannot. I have been told that neutral spine is the spine’s natural curve, but we know that looks different between individuals. My client with severe scoliosis certainly has a different neutral than I do. Her neutral is not necessarily one that works for me, and vice versa!

Most fitness and pilates professionals conflate Neutral Spine with Neutral Pelvis, much to the detriment of themselves and their clients.

Neutral Pelvis Is A Thing

I have been teaching exercise for over 27 years, and in that time the most useful concept I learned was Neutral Pelvis. Seriously!

So what is a Neutral Pelvis? Neutral Pelvis is defined as when the hip bones or ASIS (anterior superior iliac spines) are in line with the pubic bones or PS (pubis symphysis). They are in the same horizontal plane.

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt is then defined from neutral.

A Posterior Pelvic Tilt is when the hip bones are behind the pubic bones, which will flatten out the lower back and push the ribs back, make the upper back rounder. This is also known as a Tuck.

An Anterior Pelvic Tilt is when the hip bones are in front of the pubic bones, which will arch the lower back and thrust the ribs forward, making the upper back flatter. This is called an arch.

neutral spine myth

The pelvis can also rotate a bit, with one hip bone being more forward than the other, and shift laterally, with one hip bone being closer to the ribcage than the other.

Pelvic Stability = Healthier Movement

When the pelvis is stable in a neutral position, the spine will be in as close to a “Neutral” position as possible. But this will look and feel different on everybody. The hallmarks or bony landmarks, however, will stay the same. It is easiest to feel them when our lying down supine, on your back with knees bent and feet on the mat.

neutral spine neutral pelvis

When the hip bones and pubic bones are in alignment, you will feel your sacrum and tail very heavy, with even weight on both sides of your sacrum (the large, triangular bone at the bottom of your spine). Your lower back will probably not be on the ground, and that is OK! Your ribs will be on the mat, with more connection at the upper ribs and shoulder blades. Your neck will not be down, but your skull will be.

The degree to which parts of your spine are on the mat or not depends on your structure and your muscle tension. Once my clients find neutral pelvis, I then cue them to have a long spine, with the trajectory of their spines always being “forward and up” from the sacrum to the skull, no matter what their relationship to the ground (gravity). This allows for maximum length and minimum compression, which will ultimately allow for healthier flexion, hyperextension, rotation, and side bending (yes, I am looking at you, golfers and tennis players).

And when you move your pelvis and spine, you will be able to do it with intention for a specific movement or reason, but you won’t have to live there!

Plus, being able to stabilize the spine in this pelvic position and hold it allows for healthier weight training, including hip lifts, squats, planks, and most upper body exercises. Neutral pelvis and long, lifted spine leads to healthier movement, period!

How To Find Neutral Pelvis

Here is a video I did a few years ago on Neutral Pelvis – let me know if it helps you!

Komega6 Sport Essential Oil Giveaway

Komega6 sport oils

Win A Komega6 Sport Essential Oil Travel Kit

Oh yes, I have another awesome giveaway for you this week! This time our giveaway is from my friends at Komega6 Sport Essential Oil.

As you know, I love these oils, which is not typical for me. I generally dislike the smell of most essential oils, and the fact that so many are long-lasting doesn’t help. I also find that having to blend them with a carrier oil is annoying, but is necessary to avoid burns and other reactions.

[If your essential oils say that you can use them straight, or ingest them straight, run away quickly! Imagine how a strong lemon or orange oil could burn your skin and the inside of your throat. Plus, carrier oils aid absorption. ]

Komega6 Carrier Supreme

Every Komega6 sport essential oil blend comes ready to apply with their trademarked Carrier Supreme blend featuring coconut oil, avocado oil, flax seed oil, and kenaf seed oil. This carrier blend delivers an all-natural transport vehicle for topical oil use. Carrier Supreme also aids the absorption of potent essential oils to the skin for various sport and health related uses, all without the risk of unwanted side effects. Here is more info:

Right now, you will receive kenaf seeds in every Komega6 order as part of their #GrowTogether initiative.


Four Targeted Sport Essential Oil Formulas

Instead of having many bottles of essential oils around, with Komega6 there are four blends: Focus Factor, Metabolic Lift, Recover, and Rest Easy.

I use the oils in my day – Focus Factor before I leave for work and later if I feel scattered, Metabolic Lift on my muscles before a workout, Recover both on sore muscles and in a hot epsom salt bath, and Rest Easy an hour or so before bed, or at any time when I need to chill and relax. Here is more information about the oils generally, and each formula specifically.

komega6 sport

The Komega6 Sport Essential Oil Giveaway

This giveaway will have TWO winners! Each winner will receive a Komega6 Sport Essential Oil Traveler Kit ($49.95 value), giving you all four oils in a handy travel bag. I have this kit and I love it! Come back daily to share on Twitter and up your chances of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A More Personal Post – Update on Me!

personal post koh samui

A More Personal Post – Update on Me!

I was looking through this blog, and realized that I had not written much about me lately. And there is quite a bit happening with me here!

Looking for Expat Opportunities

The most exciting news right now is that I am actively seeking expat work opportunities out of the US. I spent six years out of the country when we worked and lived in Turks and Caicos (on Providenciales and then at Parrot Cay by COMO), moving back to NYC to support my dying parents. They passed in 2013.

Then we didn’t really want to move Smiley, who was sick and old, and she passed at the beginning of 2016.

So, now it is just the two of us and our 30# Juniper. And after this presidential election, I am pretty sure that the US is not where I want to spend the rest of my life. If I do decide to stay here, I will most likely move to California.

I have always wanted to explore Asia, and to that end I had a Skype interview last night with a wellness resort on Koh Samui, Thailand. The interview went well, and I look forward to the next steps.

But, as I am also a believer in not overlooking anything, if you know of any opportunities in the Pacific or Indian Oceans (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand), or CA, please let me know!

Got A Handle on Finances

Finances are tough for me. I hate tracking money, although when I do track money my life is much easier (go figure). After a crisis at the end of December, where we were just dead broke and in the hole, hubby and I have started tracking every penny, and it is working!

Ignoring problems doesn’t help. And I have a tendency to just say yes to everything, because I want everyone to be happy. It never works out well.

So now we save receipts and do spreadsheets every week. Bills get paid on time and we know what we are spending. What a relief!

Launched New Six-Week Pilates Programs

In my push to move more of my business online, I launched two separate six-week Pilates programs – Bye Bye Back Pain and Restore Your Core Diastasis Repair. Both are doing well, with the participants feeling better each week.

We are halfway through this first round, with a new round starting next Monday 13 February.

More about Bye Bye Back Pain Program here.

More about Restore Your Core Diastasis Recti Program here.

I am Teaching More Pilates via Skype and Facetime

As I transition to more global thinking, I am focusing more on teaching remotely. There are lots of folks who would like to work with me, most cannot make it to NYC to see me (and now that I only teach 4 days a week it is increasingly difficult to get a studio hour with me), and many are Pilates teachers.

I really can effectively teach people via video – skype or facetime. I just need to be able to see you, which simply means finding a good spot for your device! One of my remote clients is an experienced Pilates teacher who lives in California, and he is seeing changes in his body and how the work feels, as well as learning some new exercises and cues, in just 4 sessions.

And right now I am offering Skype/Facetime sessions to Pilates teachers for only $80 or 5@$360, and to none-teachers for $90 or 5@$400. You really can’t beat the price (since a regular private with me is $160) and you get all of the benefit of a great Pilates session.

I am growing to love remote teaching more and more! Contact me using form below to set up your Skype/Facetime sessions.

So, there you have it! My 2017 is, so far, working well. How about yours?

Want to Work with Me? Send Me A Message!

Healthy Snacks Roundup

Start 2017 Right with These Great-tasting Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are everywhere now, which is a great thing! This month I tried The new Quest Beyond Cereal Protein Bars, MetaBall Energy Snacks, and The Little Kernel Mini Popcorn. All of these are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

1. Quest Beyond Cereal Bars

quest healthy snacksLeave it to the folks at Quest Nutrition to come up with a great tasting protein bar that reminds me of my favorite cereals. They sent me a box of the Beyond Cereal Bars in Cinnamon Roll flavor, which reminded me of Cinnamon Chex – so good and packed with 12g of protein and 7g of fiber, with only 2g net carbs and 110 calories! Since then, I have purchased a box of the chocolate, which reminds me of Cocoa Krispies. I have yet to try the waffle flavor.

2. Metaball 

Metaball snacks are interesting. Instead of a bar, these come like candy, in small balls. In some sensemetaball healthy snacks this is super convenient, since you can just grab a few at a time and reseal the bag, instead of eating two bites of a bar and being stuck carrying the rest in a napkin.

These come in four flavors – apple pie, mixed berry, chocolate brownie, and chocolate cherry. Each bag gives you 10g protein, 2g fiber, with higher carbs (they use tapioca syrup to sweeten) and 220 calories. They sent me one bag of each.

Flavor-wise, these are just OK. They are a bit bland, and the texture is somewhat mealy. Not horrible, but not the best.

3. The Little Kernel

The Little Kernel is a new brand of mini popcorn that is popped in olive oil, which gives it a rich, yummy flavor. I tried the Truffle Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Sweet and Salty Kettle flavors.

I liked them all, as did hubby. The salty flavors were not too salty, and the kettle corn had a great balance of flavors (I love the sweet and salty combination).